Home Grow Kit


Included in Amigo's Gro Kit :

Web_5gSacks-1024x1511 3: Grow Bags (5 Gallon)
 Web_1stStage-1024x1511 1 Bag: First Stage Power Granules
 Web_2ndStage-1024x1511 1 Bag: Second Stage Power Granules
 Web_SuperfoodJug-1024x1511  2 Bottles: Superfood
1: Application Chart
1: Grow Pamphlet


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A plant has 3 stages in it’s growth cycle – the rooting stage, the leafing/vegetative stage and the flowering/fruiting stage. Our program is designed to make sure that the plants are given the optimum nutrients and fertilizers that they need for each stage. We have included a nutrient application chart in your Home Grow Kit, which gives you guidelines to follow throughout the life cycle of the plant. If you follow the directions, you should have a bountiful harvest that is organic and nutritious.

Not intended for illegal substances.